Recognizes, describes, and builds repeating patterns, including AB but also patterns with core units such as AAB, ABC, and AABC.


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Other Examples:

  • Given objects in a row, ABBABBABB, makes their own ABBABBABB row in a different location.
  • Given objects in a row, ABBABBABB, adds ABBABB to the end of the row.

Help your student become a(n) Patterner

Activities ask children to fix, duplicate, and extend repeating patterns such as ABC, AABB, ABB, and so forth. Naming the patterns using such letter names ("This is an ABC-ABC pattern") helps children remember and connect the same pattern using different materials as does "pairing" different representations (e.g., say "red, blue, green; red blue green…" as one points to colored cubes and then repeating the process saying "A, B, C; A, B, C…"). 

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