Empowering Early Education

Empowering Early Education

The Marsico Institute for Early Learning is at the forefront of innovating quality early education. This free resource provides research-based educational activities and information for the professional development of early math teachers.

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"Your work has shed light on mathematical development I was unaware of, formalized some of my intuition about kids learning math, and inspired me to dig deeper. It has a significant impact on the 550+ students I serve, the 30+ teachers I have the privilege of working with, my own children, and many other families and professionals I connect with."

- Tom Redmon, Montana Math Specialist

"For the past 6 years I've been sharing how and why I changed my teaching with thousands of educators online. I've brought together researchers & educators to share their knowledge as well. We have tens of thousands of educators from all over the world register to watch the sessions for free and to use your Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories web tool."

- Christina Tondevold, host of Build Math Minds Virtual Summit

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