Shape Matcher—More Shapes; Sizes & Orientations; Combinations

Sub Trajectory: Comparing

Shape Matcher—More Shapes: Compares and matches a wider variety of shapes with the same size and orientation.  

Shape Matcher—Sizes and Orientations: Compares and matches a wider variety of shapes with different sizes and orientations.   

Shape Matcher—Combinations: Compares and matches combinations of shapes to each other. 

When working on specific congruence tasks, children at this level may look for similarities in shapes’ attributes, examining full shapes, but not considering all their attributes. For example, they may say, “These are the same” as they compare two rectangles with the same height but slightly different width.   


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Other Examples:

  • More Shapes: A child matches two congruent trapezoids.
  • Sizes and Orientations: A child matches 2 rectangles with different sizes and orientations
  • Combinations: A child matches combinations of shapes to each other.

Help your student become a(n) Shape Matcher—More Shapes; Sizes & Orientations; Combinations

Activities challenge children to match shapes that may differ in orientation (and might be the same size and shape; i.e., congruent) and then shapes in the same category (e.g., circles) that are different sizes and at different orientations. It is often easier for children to match shapes at different orientations when they are on the floor (on tables, and especially on a rectangular surface on a table, they often think two squares don't match if one 's sides aren't parallel to the edges of the rectangle).

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