Maker of Small Collections

Makes a small collection (usually 1 - 2 and possibly 3) with the same number as another collection (via mental model; i.e., not necessarily by matching-for that process, see Compare Number). Might also be verbal but often is not.

May not recognize spatial structures at first, and may count this (Nes, 2009).



You may see this:

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Other Examples:

  • When shown a collection of 3, a child makes another collection of 3 in the same arrangement.
  • When shown one snack and asked to give one to a friend, a child hands over one snack. 
  • A child relies on use of a matching strategy or other model to make a small collection.

Help your student become a(n) Maker of Small Collections

These experiences are informal opportunities for children to make a set that "looks like" it has the same number as another (1 or 2, possibly 3). For example, "I have two Cheerios. You get two!"

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