Simple Slider and Turner

Slides and turns objects accurately in easy tasks, guided by an early intuition that starts the motion and then adjusts (the motion, direction, or amount) in real time as the motion is carried out.




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Other Examples:

  • Given a shape with the top marked with color, correctly identifies which of three shapes it would look like if it were turned “like this” (90° turn demonstrated) before physically moving the shape.
  • When asked to use building blocks or pattern blocks to duplicate a simple "picture", children slide blocks together. 
  • A child slides two triangles together to make a rhombus. 

Help your student become a(n) Simple Slider and Turner

Experiences moving objects from one place to another, across a flat surface, develop the intuition for this ability. Solving simple puzzles or duplicating arrangements with shapes and describing children's actions with spatial words such as "slide" (or "move") enhances these experiences.

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