Volume Unit Relater and Repeater

Uses simple units to fill containers, with accurate counting. Relates size and number of units explicitly; understands that fewer larger than smaller units will be needed to fill or pack a given container. Can accurately convert units in 1:2 ratio.


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Other Examples:

  • Fills a container by repeatedly filling a unit and counting how many.
  • Says “Let’s use the big blocks. We don’t need as many of those to fill the box."

Help your student become a(n) Volume Unit Relater and Repeater

Activities emphasize one or the other of these competencies. That is, the relator idea might be developed by filling a container with different size units, children generalize that the larger the unit, the fewer are needed. Challenge them to make a multiplicative relationship, starting with doubling (e.g., "This scoop holds twice as much, so we'll only need half as many").  The repeater idea is simply that repeating a unit (like a scoop) gives the same result as having…that many scoops! With cubes in a box, children learn that they can use one cube to figure out how many in a row, how many rows (a layer), and how many layers on top of each other (the height). 

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