Serial Orderer to 6+ (Length)
Sub Trajectory: Ordering

Orders lengths, marked in 1 to 6 units. Understands at least intuitively that any set of objects of different lengths can be placed into a series that always increases (or decreases) in length, so spontaneously seriates with few errors by selecting the shortest (or longest) object, then the next shortest (the one with the “smallest difference”), and so forth.


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Other Examples:

  • Given towers of cubes, puts them in order: 1 to 6.

Help your student become a(n) Serial Orderer to 6+ (Length)

Activities challenge children to put 6 or more lengths in order.  Discussions, careful addition of new lengths (and lengths that are not easy to "see" are different) challenge them to understand that lengths can be only a little bit different, but it is possible to find the shortest, then the very next longest, and continue to order the entire group. They are asked to use a similar logic to insert a length into a series--it must be longer than all lengths to one side of it, and longer than those on the other side.

Build Stairs [Length to 6+]

Order By Length 6+

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