Composing 2D Shapes

Mathematics is often about solving puzzles, determining solutions to problems. Here, children learn to compose (put together) two-dimensional shapes to make other shapes, solving puzzles or making pictures or designs, or decompose ("take apart") shapes into parts (simpler shapes).

Children learn so much in this topic. They will become more aware of geometric motions, especially if you talk to them about how they move shapes, such as sliding or turning pattern blocks and using the turn and flip tools on the digital games. Another advantage: As children manipulate shapes, they become familiar with seeing shapes in different orientations, realizing that changing a shape’s orientation does not affect its name or attributes.

Inclusive Teaching Approaches

We are working with our partners at the STEM Innovation for Inclusion in Early Education (STEMI2E2) Center to improve engagement opportunities for young children with disabilities (O-5). 

Accessibility for Diverse Educators 

Almost all of the videos on our website have closed captions in English and Spanish for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Most of our videos can also be accessed with a voiceover describing the scene for those with vision impairments. Click on the Accessibility toggle in the bottom right corner.

Accessibility for Children 

Learn how to incorperate Comparing Numbers across the whole day in Routines, and find accomodations for diverse learners in all levels of Comparing Numbers in Teaching Strategies.

General accommodation recommendations can be accessed in our Inclusion resources, linked here

Read more about the STEMIIEE center here at their website


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