Counter On Keeping Track

Sub Trajectory: strategy


Counts forward or back from a given number keeping track of counting acts numerically, first using objects, then by “counting counts".



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Other Examples:

  • When asked, “How many is 5 more than 6?”, a child answers "6...7 [puts up thumb], 8 [puts up a finger], 9 [puts up another finger], 10 [puts up another finger], 11 [puts up another finger], 11!"
  • A child is told, here are 9 blocks and here are 4 blocks. How many blocks do we have in all? The child says 9, then starts counting the second set of blocks- "10, 11, 12, 13. 13!"

Help your student become a(n) Counter On Keeping Track

These activities support children in counting on from a number a certain number of times, keeping track of those counts, for example with finger patterns or rhythmic subitizing. Scaffolding is providing by using manipulatives to represent that number added (see "Count on with Objects"), starting with smaller numbers to keep track of and then increasing that number, discussing strategies, among others.

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