Counter Forward and Back (10s and 1s)

Sub Trajectory: Strategy

Counts "counting words" (single sequence or skips counts) in either direction starting at any number. Recognizes that decades sequences mirror single-digit sequences. Switches between sequence and composition views of multi-digit numbers easily. Counts backward from 20 and higher with meaning. 


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Other Examples:

  • When asked, “What's 4 less than 63?” a child answers "62 is 1 less, 61 is 2, 60 is 3, 59 is, 59."
  • When asked "What is 15 more than 28?" "2 tens and 1 ten is 3 tens, 38, 39, 40, and there's 3 more...43."

Help your student become a(n) Counter Forward and Back (10s and 1s)

These activities ask much more than the name might suggest--beyond simple counting forward and backward, they include counting by different units to solve arithmetic-like problems. The activities provide tools for such thinking, such as the "open number line" and hundreds chart.

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