Piece Assembler (3D)

Builds vertical and horizontal components within a building, but within a limited range, such as building a floor” or simple “wall.” These then are two-dimensional structures. 


You may see this:

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Other Examples:

  • A child creates a “house” for people figurines in the block center by covering a small area with horizontal blocks. 

Help your student become a(n) Piece Assembler (3D)

Activities for this and higher levels often involve creative construction with blocks, with the teacher noticing, describing, and encouraging types of 3D composition that are at the next level for children (challenging, but achievable). Asking questions (do you need a wall there?) or even putting up pictures that illustrate that type of construct might motivate children to try that new way of composing 3D shapes. Copying each others' construction can be another helpful approach.

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