Counting Comparer (Same Size)

Sub Trajectory: comparing

Accurately compares via counting but only when objects are about the same size and the groups are small (1 to about 5). Not always accurate when collection with a larger number of objects are smaller in physical size than the objects in the collection with fewer objects (1 to about 5).


You may see this:

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Other Examples:

  • A child counts two piles of 5 blocks each and says they are the same.
  • A child accurately counts two equal collections of blocks but when asked says the collection of larger blocks has more.

Help your student become a(n) Counting Comparer (Same Size)

Activities ask children to count two sets (up to 5) that have the same type of objects in them and to *use* the results of the counting to see if they are the same number. Scaffolding might include counting verbally to see "which number comes first"  or putting the sets in one-to-one correspondence to illustrate the number comparison.

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