Multidigit +/- (Adding/Subtracting)

Uses composition of tens and all previous strategies to solve multidigit +/- problems.


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Other Examples:

  • Asked, "What's 37 - 18?," says, "I take 1 ten off the 3 tens; that's 2 tens. I take 7 off the 7. That's 2 tens and zero...20. I have one more to take off. That's 19."
  • Asked, "Whats 28 + 35?," thinks, 30 + 35 would be 65. But it's 28, so it's 2 less: 63."

Help your student become a(n) Multidigit +/- (Adding/Subtracting)

These activities challenge children to solve multidigit addition and subtraction problems. Use of algorithms is one goal, but so is flexible use of strategies and relational thinking (e.g., "99 + 99? That's like 200 and then take away 2--198").

Make Me 100

Jumping to 100


Coin Dice

Five Six in a Row

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