"Same Thing" Comparer: Foundations

Sub Trajectory: Comparing

Perceives the shape and size of objects. Forms intuitive mental prototypes of shapes, especially those that are symmetric and closed. Uses shape to form intuitive categories of objects in the world. Toddlers use the shape of objects to learn new vocabulary words.

Comparing Compares real-world objects. Judges two shapes the same if they are visually similar in any way.


You may see this:

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Other Examples:

  • When asked about houses that are the same, a toddler points to pictures of houses that are similar in shape and color. 
  • A toddler finds a washcloth to cover a small doll and a hand towel to cover a larger doll.

Help your student become a(n) "Same Thing" Comparer: Foundations

Experiences throughout the day emphasize identifying and comparing objects. Because children learn vocabulary mainly through the shape of objects, most all manipulations and discussions of objects, especially being the "same" or "different" are valuable to them.

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