Magician’s Trick [Counter and Producer 10+]

Activity Type: Whole Group & Center

Counter and Producer (10+)

Quick Description:

Children use counting cards placed in numerical order and use their "magician's tricks" (counting) to tell which card it is without looking.

Practice-based Research: Magician's Trick develops children’s counting and ordering skills, which build number sense. The emphasis here is to avoiding having to count from 1 and continue the counting sequence from any known number. For example, understanding that the second card is a 2 helps children link ordinal and cardinal numbers. Also, understanding that the numeral before 10 is 9 develops a sense of the order and relative size of numerals. Children begin to learn that math can be used to make accurate predictions.

(This Building Blocks activity was modified in a research project* building activities that develop both mathematics and executive function competencies.)*Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME)

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