Example resources for inclusive teaching and learning of early math:

These resources were developed to support educators in engaging all children in math learning. The accommodations for children with different abilities were developed in three categories.

  1. Accessible Physical Learning Spaces recommendations are linked here - Accessible Environments.
  2. Accessible Instructional recommendations are linked here - Accessible Instruction.
  3. Accessible Learning Materials recommendations are linked here - Accessible Materials.

Teaching Resources

  1. A Guide to Adaptations
  2. A Guide to Asking Open Ended Questions
  3. A Guide to Teaching Practices
  4. Supporting AAC Use for Preschoolers With Complex Communication Needs

Additional resources are in development. You can see many of these types of accommodations integrated into activities that have "STEMIE" added to the title. Some examples are shorter - with just a few accommodations relevant to the activity. Fuller examples at the foundational levels (the first level of every topic) are longer include extensive information focused on observing, exploring, and extending children's learning and development.

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