We work in collaboration with others across the University of Denver who are interested in early childhood research and policy. Partners within the University include:

Many contributions to this site have been generously made by children, parents, teachers, school administrators, professional development coaches, researchers, and other organizations. Attributes to their work are made when it appears on the site.

A special thank you to the following contributors of ideas and videos, and resources:

  • 100s of teachers and 1,000s of parents and children, too many to mention, but especially in Buffalo, NY, Boston, MA, San Diego, CA, Poway, CA, and New York, NY
    • All Souls Catholic Preschool, Englewood, CO
    • Starpoint, Canon City, CO
    • City of Phoenix Early Hard Start, Phoenix, AZ
  • Liza Cates
  • Edward Schroeter
  • Cheryl Teolis
  • Linda Bialek
  • Kevser Koc
  • Yusuf Koc
  • Chris Mainhart

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to [LT]2. We are especially interested in featuring classroom and home videos, new activities, additional resources, and ideas for formative assessment. 

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We also work in collaboration with colleagues locally, nationally, and internationally. Many thanks to those whose collaborations have contributed to the development of [LT]2:


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