Concrete Modeler X/÷

Solves small-number multiplying problems by grouping – making each group and counting all. Solves division/sharing problems with informal strategies, using concrete objects; up to 30 objects and 2-5 people. May justify results by equipartitioning using counting, arrays, or patterns. Makes one-to-many correspondences (e.g., in a group of children, each child gets 3 apples), a critical step towards proportional reasoning.



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Other Examples:

  • A child distributes 20 objects by giving 2 blocks to each of 5 people, then 2 more to each person until blocks are gone.
  • A child deals out a set of 11 cards by giving one each to themself and a friend until cards are gone, but doesn’t notice that one child has more than the other.

Help your student become a(n) Concrete Modeler X/÷

Activities ask children to solve multiplication problems with very small numbers by making equal groups and counting all the objects. They also solve division problems by dealing out one or more objects at a time.

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