Counter from N (N + 1, N - 1)
Sub Trajectory: verbal and object

Counts verbally and with objects from numbers other than 1 (but does not yet keep track of the number of counts). Immediately determines numbers just after or just before.


You may see this:

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Other Examples:

  • Asked to "count from 6 to 8," a child counts "6, 7, 8!"
  • Asked, "What comes just before 7?" a child says, "Six!"

Help your student become a(n) Counter from N (N + 1, N - 1)

These activities help children learn the counting skill of starting to count backwards and forwards from any number (which seems "easy" to adults, although many of us cannot do that with our ABC's!). Most provide scaffolding, as in Counting Wand, where children hear someone else count but then have to "pick it up where they left off."

Practice-based Research:  Pattern and structure are at the heart of mathematics. This level of thinking is not only an essential counting skill but also develops the growing pattern of plus 1.

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