Constructor of Shapes from Parts-Exact
Sub Trajectory: representing

Uses manipulatives representing parts of shapes, such as sides and angle "connectors," to make a shape that is completely correct, based on knowledge of components and relationships. Construction is consistent with side lengths, right angles, symmetry, and so forth.


You may see this:

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Other Examples:

  • A child uses straws to make triangles with “three sides and three angles.” 
  • A child uses a connector set to link four equal-length rods together at right angles, forming a square. 

Help your student become a(n) Constructor of Shapes from Parts-Exact

Activities provide manipulatives such as straws or sticks for sides and chanelle sticks (small segments to fit into ends of straws) or globs of plasticine for angle "joiners." They ask children to build accurate models of various shapes, discussing for example, that the four sticks need to be the same length to make a rhombus, and if they want that rhombus to also be a square, all angles have to be right angles.

Children may discover that some collections of three stirrers will not always form a triangle. Help them consider why; explain that when one “straw” is longer than the other two, they cannot connect the two short ones.


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